Monday, October 6, 2014

The Still Small Voice on the Other Side of My Property Line

He says, "You are mine". What complete, fulfilling words that a hurting soul in deficit needs; neigh, longs to hear. That we belong to God.

Doesn't that single statement above melt most hearts, as long as we are willing to receive it? If we BE-long to God then in our belief by faith- we are willing and able to hear these words "you are mine". The definition of the verb belong in the Merriam Webster dictionary means:  to be suitable, appropriate, to be in a proper situation. It goes on to explain belong means properly classified or to be a part, function or attribute of something.

Being is an action word, I have to physically "BE" in a receiving state that is faith based in order to receive from God. In my mind I need to be of remembering who I am in Christ and that I already am His. God’s gifts are free but I have a choice. As much as God is constantly pursuing His creation, our desire must also be turned toward Him; the more we turn over to Him the more of His Spirit is available to assist us in our journey. He knocks on the door and we answer. I am already on the winning team when I confess with my mouth and believe God has forgiven my sins and I turn from my past shame by receiving what Christ has already done on the cross for me. Sometimes the continued being in a state of receiving is difficult to maintain amidst all the noise in this life. Active reception is hard for us nowadays to understand and it is actually an action. Receiving is showing our thankfulness to God. Receiving is humility before our creator. Receiving is trusting He is enough.

Just like a football receiver has to make visual contact, mental contact and physical contact with the ball, the object of his reception. So also must we in all these ways keep our eyes on Jesus, spending time in His Word to know His heart, keep our mind renewed by thinking on things of Him and keeping other contrary things out of our minds. The physical contact is making time in purpose to reach out and connect with the action of His Spirit, to be open to whatever is in store in His playbook for our lives. Like the receiver of the football must put what he has heard into practice to make the play so that everything comes together, he reaches out like us to finish the play and catch the ball. As in the game of football, our receiving benefits so much more than us alone. There is a whole “team” around us that is impacted by us “catching grace”, our families, friends, coworkers, even those we think are our enemies are impacted by us receiving, because we cannot receive a gift and stay the same. We can take God at His word we belong to Him, open your arms and receive it, make the winning play by keeping the ball in your possession without fumbling it..

And God doesn't mince words, that is what I love about Him.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit they mean what they say- they are what they say, united.

If I am having open arm trouble, closed heart syndrome or plugged ears....I miss the catch (we will discuss these in detail in the next post).

So many reasons for my "illnesses", they really mostly are self-induced. We can plague ourselves by thinking we can handle this life, really we have God but we get in "living mode" after all got to get it done. Whatever it was, we really don't know if we are that busy.

Scary, how quickly I can get "busy important" and miss things, while His still small voice is a speaking all around us CONSTANTLY.

Elijah had an experience with the still small voice. God used him to accomplish some amazing things. First in Kings 17 God spoke to Him forewarning him of a draught coming and asked Elijah to go to the Kerith Ravine, drink from the brook and be fed by ravens, the Word says “so he did what the Lord said”. He went no questions and was provided for ravens brining him meat and bread. When that brook dried up due to the draught God told him to move on to Zarephath where a widow would provide for him. When he gets there the widow says she has no food, only a mere jug of oil and a jar of flour. She is essentially going to eat her last meal with her son and die. Elijah asks her to trust and make a small loaf for him and her and her son take some too. He shares the promise of the Lord to supply her with an everlasting food supply until the draught is over.  The Word says “she went and did what Elijah told her.” Oh the simple act of obedience and acting on our faith that produces much. The son goes on to become sick, he dies and Elijah prays to bring life back to the boy. God shows up in abounding miracles.

In Kings 18 God asks Elijah to go to Israel’s king Ahab who happens to be an enemy of Elijah and God promises to send rain in place of the longstanding draught. God asks Elijah to have a mighty challenge of “putting your money where your mouth is” between Israel’s god Baal and Elijah’s One True Lord of all. Some 450 false prophets against Elijah (talk about intimidation factor, but for God). The false prophets cry all day into the evening with no response but after Elijah’s prayer God answers and the false prophets are put to death. Elijah prays persistently for rain without any signs initially and God goes good on His promise as rains fall. But after all this success through God a threat from the king’s evil wife Jezebel has him running afraid. God feeds Him supernaturally by an angel as he is fleeing for his life and hides him in a cave...about to show him His glory. There is a series of loud amazing displays, a wind that blows rocks apart, an earthquake and a fire…but the word says from Kings 18:12, God was in the still small voice or gentle whisper.  Through all these amazing and powerful displays of God and His provision, a threat has Elijah scared and a small voice has him captivated.
If Elijah did not respond to God when he was asked, if the widow had not responded when she was asked…history would have been changed. There would have been some significant people that missed some important words for the direction in their lives without Elijah’s path panning out the way it did. Elisha, Elijah’s successor could have missed his calling if it were not for Elijah running and hiding. We must belong so closely that we do not miss what God is doing, despite our own discomfort, turmoil and questions, after all it is much bigger than just about us belonging. There is plenty of room in God for us to belong and take others with us. God sees our pain and wants to take as many with us as possible. God wants to use us to turn others to life.


  1. When I look back at my life and see the times that I not only listened to God, but also acted...I can see all of the many GOOD things that have occurred, the last being the "big move" to a new town so far away from all that I knew. But act I did...because it was needed for all of God's own good to be able to occur in my life. The few times when I ignored His Voice...I got into so many troubles, problems and issues. I had to dig myself out of a hole of my own doing. Even when it doesn't make sense to me at the time...for me to act positively on God's Voice has led me to wonderful places! Thanks be to God for that!!! I feel so blessed!

    1. It is so true, the unexpected and greatest blessings come through things that do not make sense! I am so glad you are living in His greatness!!!!