Monday, January 4, 2016

Broken Down

Here I am on the side of the road.
Waiting, watching.
Everyone speeding by, and yet here am I.
Remarkably peaceful in an eerie sort of way, being passed by that is.
Not sure I want the help that would stop for me anyway, so I will just stay here, broken down.
Funny, you hear that term "broke down" and you get comfortable with it, in it, it becomes you.
Roadside assistance plans are overrated, my vehicle is not equipped with that.
Plus I am out in the country, who gives roadside assistance out in the lost zone so late?
Trust me, right here I'll wait.
Is life passing me by, or are they all going too fast. Am I missing out, or are they missing out while being in?
I don't really care, all the questions used to matter more, before.
When I was in the race, headed somewhere.
I believe now there is a road to nowhere.
Purpose, it isn't overrated.
It keeps us out of the ditch, but even when we had it and when we thought we did...
It can all turn out the same, no stop for rest. An endless quest.
This quest it hurts, it gives joy. It pinches, it thrills. It gives new stops, new sights seen, new billboards and old. It gets tiring, it gets rejuvenating, times of warmth and cold.
Everything gets worked out on the road because it is always changing.
Except when you are broken down.
What 's new here?
You are left alone to deal with everything you may have been running from.
Faced with yourself and the review mirror.
No plans or worries, where to go from here, no destination is set.
I wish the Great Mechanic would pass by me and come to my rescue, the One whom I've never fully met.
I can picture it now, approaching from behind, a slow down and a pull over in front of my line of sight.
A reassuring vehicle I know, a trustworthy tow truck, a repair vehicle's lights.
Someone who knows what to do and what comes after the mend.
Gotta get a little greasy before things can get going again.
Hood is opened, analyzed and an assessment made.
Two questions?
Can it be fixed and what is the cost?
Maybe three, is it worth it?
Do I really want to go, anywhere.
I guess I have to, that is the flow of traffic anyway.
I don't care to be a part of the mad rush any day.
Stopped, things sunk in.
Where I thought I wanted to head was not in the right of Way and now I am here not wanting to go there or anywhere.
Got this far and it was a dead end, really glad I got stuck, broke down, with me, myself and I as well as my mind, not sure any of these in company are my friends.
Glad it happened here as a reality check.
You know, we wither away because of alone, or we crave alone until we face it.
Then we realize in selfishness we can't waste this.
We have been given a quiet while many don't receive a chance, a choice, a moment to reflect.
Their too busy with their wealth, friends, business, social face,
empire building and external upkeep race.
The One we did not know stopped for us as He stops for all.
He's waiting for us to decide if the cost is worth the ride.
It isn't a tow, get on board and move on. No, it is an expense we must cost.
 Giving up self direction, let a True Leader lead. Be open for inspection.
The good, the bad and ugly it all comes to Light.
Listen and be willing to admit our foolish plight.
Then the accepting of assistance and knowing we could never make it on our own.
Our broke down make and model was never ours, rent to own.
Till you receive the story of the Mechanic that knows one and all, you won't arrive. He'll gladly open His door step out and talk with you about all He sees. We must receive the advice, give up the drive and allow the leader to lead. He'll tell you where your going it just won't be as you think.
We've gotta acknowledge the Mechanic as good, let Him do His work and be open to His critique. Even His silence. I don't know about you but I've found my own way to a dead end, am I worried about following someone who knows the Way? No, regardless of how jaded we are there is a destiny. Maybe I am worried about staying the course. It is more than getting on the right road, setting cruise control and settling in.
The Mechanic knows the Way, He owns the vehicle, He cares for it and restores it. It is not boring, His way, He sets the optimum course. You won't be sorry, it isn't as you think. It is always good. We just need to be open to giving over control and trusting a Way that is not ours.
Glad your broke down my friend, your just what the mechanic wants to use, are you ready?
You can take the road to nowhere and find the narrow way worth following.

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