Saturday, November 16, 2013

May this day live for Jesus
May my ways point others to your Glory
Take from me every opportunity to claim it for me and turn it instead inside out
Take my frustration and make change through me by your Mighty Father hands
Take my disappointment and be my Redeemer
Take my lack and give me your Revelation Power
Take “my” and “mine” and any part of “me” that I hold and break it apart,
Let me solely, honorably and truly reflect my Lord as my Lord should be;
So that one day when I can sit with you and eat with you my Lord
The conversation shall be about what You did through me
And not of the disappointment and despair of what I could never have done
Thank you Lord that you work through your child and not “me” because I am Yours, not my own
You are “I am” and not “my way”, you are Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
And not “by my strength” but in turn- I am in you……it was always about You, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
Let me learn from You. You made it about your Father and let me so keep my eyes on You, to keep it about You.

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